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Nodaway Chorale Scholarship Award

Why we have created a Scholarship Award

The establishment of an ongoing Scholarship Award by the Nodaway Chorale directly supports our Mission Statement, encourages students who a demonstrating a passion for choral music, engages our community, displays the value we place on choral music and provides financial assistance to qualified graduating high school seniors to further their education.


Overview and Concept of the Award

The Nodaway Chorale believes that all people should benefit from the gifts of music.  For that reason, the applicants and recipients are not required to pursue a music-based education or career path, simply demonstrate a passion for vocal music and exemplify the principles and joyful spirit upheld by the Chorale.  We are not necessarily looking for the most accomplished singer or someone who plans to sing professionally, but rather for a young person who is joyfully passionate about singing -- now and in the future.

Eligibility and Application Process

For detailed information on Candidate Eligibility and the Application Process download the information document and application form using the links below. 

The annual deadline for submission of applications is March 1.

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