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Nodaway Chorale

National Anthem

Community Service

The Nodaway Chorale has launched an initiative to provide a service to community organizations by singing the National Anthem at their events. Recognizing that groups may wish to sing the National Anthem at events but do not have the internal resources to do that nor have the information to utilize outside resources, volunteer singers within the Chorale have stepped forward to be members of a team prepared to serve those organizations.

               We have prepared the Star-Spangled Banner in a variety of arrangements allowing us to provide both large-group and small-ensemble singing leadership depending on scheduling, singer availability, and the specific needs of the organization.  We can sing a cappella or with musical instrumentalists and we can even provide small ensembles of all-female or all-male singers if required.

               The Chorale charges no fee to provide this service, as the primary goal is to provide a needed service to citizens of the region. However, the Chorale will always accept and appreciate donations of any amount to further our choral activities!


How to obtain further information or request a booking –

Email the Nodaway Chorale at  The following information will be needed for a booking:

  • Name of Event/Type of Event

  • Date and Times of the Event including desired time of National Anthem

  • Specific Location of the Event including venue name plus full street address, city, state

  • Will a public address system be in use and available to the Chorale?

  • Preferred minimum/maximum number of singers, if applicable

  • Would the Chorale perform the National Anthem with other musicians?

  • Primary organization contact: Name, Email address, phone number

  • Other important information or requirements

What happens next?

The Chorale will respond to a request for booking within three (3) business days to confirm or decline our availability.

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